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Allow your customers to enjoy a restaurant quality experience in their own home. We offer many different packaging options, including foil wrapped potatoes, to meet all your consumers needs. We offer the ultimate in potato convenience! We are aware of how important it is that families have convenient options in today’s busy world.

Rollo Bay Holdings Potato Varieties

We supply four main types of potatoes for the fresh market at Rollo Bay Holdings: Russets, Yellows, Reds and Whites.

  • Russets are the most versatile of potato varieties, and, for that reason, they’re the most used and widely available variety in the retail space. Russets are commonly used to make french fries. But they also make deliciously fluffy mashed potatoes, perfectly dry baked potatoes, and tasty scalloped potatoes. Russet Burbank is the most popular of Russet varieties, but we also grow Goldrush because of its fantastic taste.
  • Yellows are very popular with their golden flesh. Yukon Gold potatoes are the most popular variety of yellow fleshed potatoes. Yukon Golds are naturally creamier than Russets, and their golden-hued flesh looks like butter has already been added. We like using Yukon Golds in soups and pot roasts as they tend to hold up a bit better in these cooking methods than Russets do.
  • Whites cover a range of shapes, sizes, and growing seasons. The Superior variety is a round, white potato harvested early in the growing season. They are commonly known as “new potatoes.” Kennebec is another white variety which makes wonderful potato salad or mashed potatoes.
  • Reds usually have red skin and white flesh. They are excellent roasted, steamed, or boiled. When the skins are left on, red potatoes look great in a potato salad. Red Norland and Chiefton are two common varieties of reds.

Rollo Bay Holdings Packaging

We can pack your potatoes using your own label or private label. Contact us to discuss your potato packing needs.

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Keenan Russet Keenan Russet
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Keenan 15lb Keenan 15lb
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Our products are available throughout Canada, Coast to Coast, Europe, and USA.

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Meeting the needs of our retailers and consumers is our ultimate goal. If you have specific needs beyond what you see on this site, we welcome your call.

Rollo Bay Holdings  is pleased to advise that the Production & Packing of Fresh Market Potatoes and Processing Potatoes have been certified to Option C by NSF  to be in conformity with the CanadaGAP Standard  We conform to the program by following the CanadaGAP Food Safety Manual for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Our CanadaGAP certificate can be found here.